L'Escandille (Autrans)

Getting to the Escandille conference center will be possible from the afternoon of March 27; the conference will begin on the morning of March 28. L'Escandille is a conference center in middle a wide park with a direct view on the ski jumping slopes. In addition to easy access to snow activities, the center also provides:

Breakfast is served between 6h30 and 9h.

We recommend to take warm clothes to be able to go outside during the breaks and the free Thursday afternoon.

How to get there

The conference venue is located at about 45 min by car from the Grenoble train station, and around 90 min from LYS (Lyon Saint Exupéry airport). There will be a dedicated shuttle from Grenoble train/bus station to Escandille on Tuesday departure 18h15 and return on Friday, arrival at Grenoble station at 15h.

For those who declared an earlier departure time during the registration process, there will an extra shuttle leaving right after the last conference session. We will arrange lunchboxes for the participants who plan to take the earlier bus.

Note that the bus station and the train station are located next to each other. In case of trouble with the shuttle, you can call Victor (07 83 62 59 44). For those of you who will not take the shuttle, there is a regular bus line from Grenoble station to Auntrans; the timetable is available here. Once in Autrans, call us at 07 83 62 59 44 (Victor) and we will pick you up.

Group activities

A taste of biathlon

This will be a fun outdoor activity involving target practice and group games, accessible to everyone (no skiing, no need to be into sports). You just need shoes to walk in the snow.


For all questions, you can contact the organizers at smai-mode2018@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr.